Alzheimer's Disease Feature

9 Signs Your Loved One Might Have Alzheimer’s Disease


2. Short Term Memory Loss

Memory loss is one of the most well-known symptoms of Alzheimer’s that all family members should be aware of. This can contribute to an individual forgetting something as simple as where they parked or as big as a grandchild that was born just a week before. In mild forms of this disease, it will be common for the individual to avoid new situations simply because they won’t be confident with their ability to process the situation. With individuals suffering from moderate forms of this disease, they may have trouble recognizing even close friends or family members that they see often. For individuals with severe forms of this disease, the individual may forget how to bathe, eat, or even balance themselves while walking.

Family members are often the first to notice these memory issues, as they may find it odd that a family member doesn’t remember a lunch date or a recently born grandchild. If you have noticed your loved one having trouble with recalling things that have recently occurred or they simply forget without acknowledging them, then discuss this with their care provider.

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