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The Most Outrageous Beauty Trends of 2018


As social media has become more popular, new fashion trends have been popping up much faster than you would have seen in the past. Professional and amateur artists compete across platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to see who has the most talent and skill when it comes to their makeup. That has inspired fierce competition for awards like the craziest eyebrows ever.

Because this year has been all about eyebrows we’ve seen a variety of different types across the internet; however, brows aren’t the only new look that we’ve been seeing grow quickly this year. We have seen a variety of different nail art, lip inspired creations, hairstyles, and almost anything else that you can think of.

Below are the most intense and crazy beauty trends from 2018 for your viewing pleasure:

Fishtail Brows

By using brow product for your eyebrows and a good concealer you can create a negative space effect on your brows that look like a fishtail. This intriguing look has become incredibly popular because it is easy to execute and it provides the user with a unique look that will draw immediate attention. We’re not sure if you’ll get a good response from it, but you will definitely get a response.

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