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The Most Outrageous Beauty Trends of 2018

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Tie Dye Hairstyles

Boho Brushed brought out this eye-catching look. It closely resembles tie-dye shirts that were incredibly popular 20 years ago. You can choose whether you want to celebrate or shun the style that this renowned locks stylist created but it’s been a huge hit. We only hope that it won’t bring back a total tie-dye focus because that would be a crazy look to try to incorporate.

Halo Brows

Hannah Lyne debuted this brow look on her Instagram and it is currently being supported by a variety of teenagers between 14 to 18. Halo brows connect both of your eyebrows so that you have a Halo shape on your forehead. It’s a really bold look but we are of the opinion that it should probably stay on the internet instead of in real life.

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