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Visual Signs of Poor Health That Should Not Be Ignored


We often think that being diagnosed with an illness such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke or cancer as something that happens out of the blue. That we are healthy one day then, suddenly, we are chronically ill the next. But did you know that our bodies give us warning signs of poor health long before we get diagnosed with disease?

Our bodies speak to us in subtle ways, ways that are often ignored or dismissed, until it’s too late.

Can you tell if your body is in danger? Here are some of the warning signs.

You Sleep Poorly

Poor sleep is a common thing that many people suffer from periodically throughout their lives, but it can also be a symptom of a bigger problem. The stress hormone, cortisol, fluctuates throughout the day, lowering at night, to allow your body to recharge and repair itself. High levels of cortisol at night can cause insomnia.

If you are under stress, your body releases adrenal hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which increase alertness and make it difficult to relax. Frequent or constant stress elevates these hormones and affects your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

If you feel like you are under a lot of stress, then this may be the reason for your poor sleep. Anything that helps you to relax will in turn reduce the levels of cortisol and allow you to sleep more peacefully. Being mindful of your moods and triggers can help you pin point what may be causing stress and help you to identify methods to reduce it. Relaxation techniques at night, such as meditation or deep breathing, may also help you sleep better.