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Visual Signs of Poor Health That You Probably Ignore (But Shouldn’t)


We often think that being diagnosed with an illness such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke or cancer as something that happens out of the blue. That we are healthy one day then, suddenly, we are chronically ill the next. But did you know that our bodies give us warning signs of poor health long before we get diagnosed with disease?

Our bodies speak to us in subtle ways, ways that are often ignored or dismissed, until it’s too late.

Can you tell if your body is in danger? Here are some of the warning signs.

You’re Always Tired

Don’t dismiss exhaustion, paying attention to your fatigue just might save your life. Yes, life can make you tired and there is often so much going on that we can excuse being tired some of the time. But if you find yourself chronically exhausted and just aren’t able to pinpoint why, it might be a warning sign that there is something going on.

The list of conditions that can cause fatigue is lengthy and includes thyroid disorders, heart disease, anemia, depression, diabetes and psychological disorders, among others. If you are always tired it might be time to see your doctor for a regular check-up and further testing.

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