Diabetes Feature

9 All Natural Sugar Substitutes


Here are our favorite smart sugar substitutes for healthier living!

Dessert and diabetes aren’t two words that generally go together when blood sugar levels are a top priority. This means that refined sugar, which has a very high glycemic index, is something to be avoided. But sometimes, you just have to have something sweet, and having sugar completely off limits really can put a damper on things.

Ditch the white stuff in favor of a more natural option.

Lucky for us, there are some all natural sugar substitutes that can satisfy a sweet craving without sending blood sugar levels soaring. We all know about artificial sweeteners and how they can be used to manage diabetes, but these may not be the most optimal choices at all time since there is some controversy over whether they are truly safe to consume.
If you’re looking for a natural sugar alternative, keep reading to find which is best for you, so that you can enjoy a treat and keep your blood sugar on track.


Stevia is a naturally derived sweetener that is over 100 times sweeter than sugar. In South America, stevia has been used as a sweetener for centuries and it is now making waves in North America too.

Stevia is an incredible valuable alternative to sugar, as it has no calories and no impact on your blood glucose levels. Stevia is available as a powder, which makes it extremely versatile and easy to use. It can be substituted for sugar in any of your favorite recipes and is easily stirred into a coffee or tea.

Stevia is great, but remember that too much of a good thing can also be harmful. Over consumption of stevia can make your cravings for sweets more intense and frequent, so have fun, but don’t overdo it.