Diabetes Feature

Essential Tips For Managing Diabetes


Diabetes can attack anyone, from toddlers to grown-ups. By definition, this is a disease which affects the ability of your body to produce or use insulin. When your body converts the food you eat into energy, this particular hormone is released to aid transport the energy to the body cells. If your system produces little or no insulin or is insulin resistant, excess sugar remains in your blood, and this is why diabetic individuals have higher than normal sugar levels in their blood. There are two types of diabetes, namely; Type 1 and Type 2. Type one diabetes occurs when your pancreas does not produce insulin, whereas type two occurs when your body fails to produce adequate insulin, or when the cells are unable to utilize insulin properly, a phenomenon which is also referred to as insulin resistance.

Managing diabetes can be a challenging task. However, the prospect of following a healthy lifestyle can potentially make a huge difference regarding how well you manage your condition. Taking part in regular workouts, taking a nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy weight are perhaps the cornerstones of diabetes management. Of course, you don’t have to surrender some of your favorite meals so as to handle your condition, but, you must understand the effect of your choices on your blood glucose levels. With the help of a certified diabetes educator, or a registered dietitian, you can be taught on how to count your carbs, size up your portions and read food labels.Those tips are critical to managing your condition successfully.

Before you retire to bed, examine your feet

You can use a hand mirror to check your feet. You may also ask a friend or even a close relative to aid you to look for any swelling, cuts or changes in color. Carefully examine between your toes, too. If you notice anything unfriendly, contact your physician immediately. Additionally, you should inform him/her if you have ay calluses or corns.

Taking a great care of your feet should form part of your daily routine. Thoroughly wash and moisturize them on a regular basis. Again, keep the toenails of yours trimmed.