Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer


Ovarian cancer, commonly referred to as the ‘Silent Killer’ is a disease that has symptoms that are very difficult to notice. The symptoms often appear like normal disturbances that can be felt under normal circumstances. The only variation is that these annoyances can be felt on a daily basis for a very long period of time. By the time that one notices that the symptoms need to be taken seriously, ovarian cancer may have advanced to an extent that it may be very hard to treat it properly.

Given that only 20% of the women that suffer from this disease discover on time, there is need to expound on the 10 warning signs that women should look out for:

Unusual Pelvic or Belly pain

The pain that is felt differs from what is usually felt as a result of normal indigestion or menstrual issues. This is a sign of ovarian cancer. Most of those who suffer from this disease said they felt this abnormal pain in the pelvic area for more than 2 weeks. the pain could not be associated with stomach flu, diarrhea or periods.