Warning Signs of Kidney Cancer


Kidney cancer may not be as popular as other types of cancer. However, it is among the ten most common types of cancers among people aged 56 and above. The cancer accounts for over 14,000 deaths a year in America, but with advances in treatment, the number is expected to reduce significantly. Like most cancers, the key to dealing with kidney cancer is to detect it early. However, there are some challenges in early detection. For instance, kidney cancer doesn’t have unusual symptoms until it reaches advanced stages.

Blood in the Urine

Early detection focuses on some physical signs like blood in the urine. This is the most common sign of kidney cancer although it could be as a result of another less serious health condition. Furthermore, it isn’t easy to detect blood in the urine given blood doesn’t always cause urine to have a bright red color. Urine which is orange, pink or muddy color could also indicate kidney cancer. In other instances, there may be a tiny quantity of blood in urine making it impossible to detect. You should visit a doctor immediately if you notice urine color changes especially if pain or inflammation (in the bladder or kidney area) accompany the change.