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Five Signs That Your Instagram Use Is Unhealthy


If you’re being honest with yourself, how much of this can you relate to?

Someone asks you about what you’ve been up to and all that comes to mind is “Instagram.”

When you get down to the impact of the excessive use social media on our inner lives, studies reveal a repeating trend, that social media can decrease the level of satisfaction in our lives by consistently presenting us with fodder for making comparisons of ourselves to the lives of others.

This can impact our family, our relationships and even our work. Yet something still compels us to keep scrolling.

When consulting a psychiatrist of Women’s health on this issue, they claim that even though social media addiction isn’t a diagnosis, they still believe it is a real thing.

Like an alcoholic who their first thoughts in the morning are about drinking, a social media addicted person will have their phone in their hands just as they’re waking up, even if they do know that this will negatively affect their health.

So where can we, as social media users, draw the line between casual use and an unhealthy attachment or addictive behavior?

To start, look closely at these warnings signs of unhealthy social media use and determine whether yours has become a problem.

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