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5 Signs You Could be low in Vitamin D


Sunshine provides many benefits for the body, including it helps with the absorption of vitamin D and helps keep the skin nice and smooth. In fact, inadequate sunshine during the winter can cause dry patchy skin as well as various other skin issues, which can be unsightly.

Furthermore, it has also been shown to cause various health issues in the long run, including a deficiency of the D vitamin. The D vitamin is crucial for overall health; therefore, a D vitamin deficiency can lead to more severe issues after some time.

In fact, various surveys conducted nationally showed that more than one-fourth of adults in the UK alone are lacking sufficient Vitamin D levels. The D vitamin is crucial for the absorption of calcium, which is essential for strong teeth and bones, especially as we grow older. Research also shows that women especially require adequate levels of the D vitamin as they age because their bones have been shown to deteriorate at a faster rate than their male counterparts, which is important to note.

BetterYou’s managing director and creator comments that our cozy indoor lifestyles along with our diet of processed foods and the excessive use of sun block creams in sunnier parts of the world are to blame for the increasing rise of a lack of the D vitamin in individuals, which can cause pains and aches, fatigue, recurring infections.

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