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Most Common Signs Of COPD


Extreme Fatigue

Everyone gets tired these days, especially if you are sleep deprived from a work or school schedule. That said, the fatigue you experience with COPD is not like anything you have ever encountered before. This is the kind of fatigue that weighs you down and makes you feeling drained from the moment you open your eyes. It is a total lack of energy rather than weariness after work.

It has been found that fatigue is three times more common in individuals suffering from pulmonary diseases. Some doctors believe that the fatigue is due to overexertion of the lungs and getting very little oxygen to the muscles and brain. Since you have to breathe twice as hard to deliver the same amount of essential oxygen to the organs, you are using up vast amounts of energy.

Since many diseases and conditions are known to cause chronic fatigue, it is best to visit a doctor for testing to see if COPD could be the main issue.