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Have Calluses On Your Feet? Do This!


How Do Calluses Develop On Feet?

In order to get smooth as silk feet, you should first understand how and why calluses occur. That way, you can prevent them later on. Calluses are thickened skin that forms in places where there is a lot of pressure and friction throughout the day. The affected layer is known as the stratum corneum, or the top layer of the epidermis. Calluses and corns are your body’s way of protecting the soft skin on your soles from damage.

One of the main reasons calluses occur is wearing the wrong shoes. Think about the last time you wore a pair of shoes that were too big or too small. Both cases result in discomfort. When your shoes are sliding around on your feet or chafing, this causes friction. Aside from getting blisters, you may also notice that the skin in these frequently chafed or abraded areas begins to harden rapidly.

So, the first step to getting silky smooth feet and toes is to wear appropriately sized shoes.