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Fun Summer Activities For The Family


Electronics and social media are indeed wonderful inventions, but the pull of the digital and virtual worlds has made it all the more difficult to get quality time with your family. Plus, with all the technology, it is becoming harder for children to stay healthier and manage their weight. What if you could combine these two goals of spending time with your loved ones and staying healthy? Luckily, there are plenty of activities that double as exercise and entertainment that will make your kids drop their phones and get playing again.

As an added bonus, you can make friends with others from the community or reconnect with family members that you might have fallen out of contact with. Here are some activities to pry children and family away from the television and electronics this summer:


While gardening is not always the most rigorous of activities, it is certainly fulfilling. Children love playing in the dirt, and you can teach them a lot about various plants, how to tend to crops, sustainability, and the environment while planting flowers, herbs, fruit trees, and vegetable plants.

Plus, shoveling dirt and pushing around wheelbarrows is an excellent way to expend energy. When the garden is done, you will have something that everyone can take pride in: An organic garden where they can grow their own food. It’s valuable knowledge that can be passed down generation to generation.