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7 Deadly Diseases That Afflict Black Americans


– The current cancer landscape is the same for everyone, no matter the gender or the race. But black men are shown to have a 40 percent increased death rate as compared to their white counterparts. Black women don’t fare well either- they are shown to have a 20 percent increased death rate than their white counterparts.

– Research has shown that black Americans are prone to having high blood pressure early in life. Their blood pressure levels are shown to be much higher as compared to their white counterparts. Statistics have shown that around 42 percent of all black men, and about 45 percent of all black women that are aged 20 and above are suffering from high blood pressure.

– Strokes are deadlier to black Americans as compared to their white counterparts. It kills 4x more black Americans ranging from age 35 to 54. Black Americans have double the rate of 1st time stroke occurrences as compared to white Americans.

– Black Americans have 50 percent more chance to acquire lung cancer as compared to white Americans despite the demographic having a significantly lower exposure to tobacco. Moreover, death by Sarcoidosis, or lung scarring has proven to be deadlier in black Americans than their white counterparts. It occurs about 16x more in blacks than whites. This disease has recently claimed the life of NFL superstar Reggie White.

– Black Americans are 3x more likely to die from asthma as compared to white Americans.

– Diabetes is more common in black Americans than white Americans by 60 percent. Black Americans are 5.6 times likelier to suffer from kidney disease than any other demographic suffering from diabetes. Moreover, they are 2.5 times more likely to undergo limb amputation resulting from the said disease.