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7 Deadly Diseases That Afflict Black Americans


There are 7 deadly diseases that affect more black Americans than white Americans. These diseases hit harder and occur more often in the said demographic.

Combating these dreaded diseases would mean changing the whole genetic landscape. It would mean putting in millions of dollars of research, and maybe changing the way how we test new drugs. In far-reaching concerns, this would lead to an improved health education. The current health care disparities will have to be overhauled. Those concerned will have to invest heavily into the health of all living black Americans.

Despite the targeted demographic, trying to make the world safer for black Americans will lead to a healthier, disease-free life not just for them, but for everyone. The fight is just beginning. We are just starting to realize the truth.

You might be surprised by some of the disparities that heighten the disease differences between African-Americans and white Americans.

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