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10 Small Habits That Will Have A Huge Return On Your Life


Try intermittent fasting.

Although many people will say that intermittent fasting is great because you won’t gain weight no matter how much you eat, that is not entirely true. You still need to commit to a decent diet full of nourishing foods. Intermittent fasting, however, gives your body time to recover from eating throughout the day, so your sluggish metabolism can speed up. Fasting can also improve healing, digestion, and leave you feeling refreshed.

Ideally, you want to fast between 14-16 hours at least a couple times a week. Some people do intermittent fasting every single day. For example, one person might eat breakfast at 7AM and eat dinner at 3PM, resulting in 15 hours of fasting. You can choose what kind of schedule works best for you, though.