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The Best Sunburn Treatments


No matter how protective you are, you will likely get some sunburn during the summer season. That is because you will be exposed to UV light. Excessive exposure to the sun will dehydrate you and leave your skin dry. The skin will look older and wrinkled. In severe cases, you may get skin cancer.

Despite your efforts to protect yourself from sunburns, you will still get some sun effects. Most of you will use all means possible to get some relief. That is why we have compiled a list of treatments to soothe your pain.

The best protection will always be to stay out of the sun, but if that can’t be avoided, please cover up and wear liberal amounts of sun block!

Cold shower

A cold shower can work well on fiery sunburns on your skin. To get its effect, you can decide to lie in cold water. Though it is an excellent way to treat sunburns, the cold water may become chilly after some time. The unique way to go about it is to use a piece of cloth or some cubes of ice and put them directly on the burn.

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