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Effective Ways to Lower Blood Pressure


The latest statistics from the American Heart Association show that about 28% of adults in the USA have high blood pressure and are prone to aneurysm, heart attack, kidney failure or stroke. In a bid to treat these health threats and reduce their risk of contracting the said diseases, many doctors and patients resort to prescription drugs. However, the side effects that are associated with many of these drugs expose the patients to far much risk than the diseases the drugs seek to address. Some of the side effects that come with the use of prescription drugs include; insomnia, passing out, lightheadedness, leg cramps, and nausea.

Since drugs are not a welcome option with many patients, it is natural that many of them will seek other ways of lowering their blood pressure and reducing the risk factors for the other diseases associated with hypertension. Such other strategies of keeping high blood pressure at bay include lowering salt intake. Nutritionist from the National, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute say that certain groups of people are prone to salt-related high blood pressure. Such people groups include people from the African American descent, the elderly and those from families with a history of high blood pressure. Being that as it may, doctors are unable to precisely diagnose for sodium sensitivity. It, therefore, becomes a personal responsibility for individuals to reduce their salt intake to either reduce the risk of contracting high blood pressure or to make it easier for them to manage and treat the malady.

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