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Effective Ways to Lower Blood Pressure


Eat Less Salt

Reducing salt intake means that patients and people with the risk factors of contracting high blood pressure become more keen and objective in what they consume. For many, it will mean avoiding the extra salt in the popcorn or vegetables as well as reducing the intake of salty snacks spices, salad dressing, and canned foods. It may be important for those affected to closely examine food labels to establish just how much salt they are taking in from the various products they consume.

Other than salt being cited as a major contributor to high blood pressure, many health experts believe that there is a link between caffeine and high blood pressure. Credible medical studies continue to connect the consumption of caffeine to high blood pressure. A recent study conducted by the Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina shows that three cups of Java Coffee per day is likely to increase blood pressure in an individual by 4-mmHg (or millimeter of mercury). This will also contribute to a steady rise in blood pressure during bedtime. The same study shows that drinking caffeinated drinks like caffeinated teas, sodas and coffee also contribute to the rise of blood pressure levels by causing blood vessels to constrict.