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Signs and Symptoms of Meniere’s Disease



Meniere’s disease can be difficult to detect in the early stages, because most patients only have one symptom: dizziness. Since dizziness and lightheadedness can be caused by a number of complications, it is not uncommon for people to completely ignore it. However, dizziness is one of the main signs of Meniere’s disease, and it can be hazardous to your health and safety.

But why is dizziness such a prominent symptom of the disease? It has to do with the fluid in the inner ear and the effect it has on balance. During a flare up, the tubes in the ears get inflamed, and this can change the fluid level in the inner ear. You are likely to feel far more unsteady and will have difficulty moving around. Severe flare ups can even cause you to trip while walking, which can make driving, working, or even simple movements incredibly dangerous.