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Lyme Disease Symptoms


Experts are suggesting that 2017 will be a bad year for ticks.

Lyme disorder is propagated by deer ticks and is the result of a spirochete bacteria name Borrelia burgdorferi. When the bacteria reach the blood stream and are spread through the body, it may cause symptoms and signs which range from mild to severe. Deer ticks are the vector insect of this type of disease. Burgdorferi lives in the saliva of the tick and once the tick bit an individual, the bacteria is introduced in the body. Burgdorferi will then travel the blood stream and infect different body parts like the nervous, integumentary, and musculoskeletal system. Its most noticeable symptom it is the rash it creates, which is an immune reaction of the body to the penetrating foreign bacteria.

The rash is produced by the time the deer tick bit an individual. The tick’s saliva is an ideal nourishing material for the bacteria. The tick’s saliva itself includes substance which could disrupt or damage the local resistance system. When the skin’s resistance system is undermined, it could serve as an incubator for the bacteria. From the website of the bite, the spirochete bacteria can then replicate ashes and will spread outwardly. That is the major reason that lyme disorder rash is circular in features. In a few unknown reason, the neutrophils, that are the body antigen for invading microorganisms, don’t react quickly to the website or failed to take actions.

The symptoms of lyme disease might significantly depend upon what part of the body it is influenced. Generally, the symptoms and signs are produced due to the body’s reaction to the invading bacteria. Therefore, the symptoms and signs are indication that the body’s immunity system is still operating. Prolonged exposure to infection without No signs of recovery will ultimately lead to exhaustion and irreversible harm to the body. Apart from rash that has been mentioned previously, the following are a number of the symptoms and signs of lyme disease. Circular rash has five to six inches diameter Bull’s eye rash Occasionally itchy or painful.

Meningitis Cerebral palsy Shooting pain which leads to sleep disturbances Paraplegia Fatigue Numbness Paresthesia Encephalomyelitis Urinary bladder problem. Lyme disease has numerous other problems that could even affect mental and psychological health. This is the primary reason that early detection and prompt medical care should be given. Lyme disease might not be severe in the beginning, but the later phases of the disease might lead to debilitating effects.