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Ticks And Lyme Disease – What You Need To Know


Lyme disease cases have been increasing steadily in the recent past in prompting government intervention. Public health officials are focused on creating awareness about Lyme disease now more than ever. The disease is usually transmitted by infected deer ticks, and people suffering from the disease don’t exhibit any symptoms immediately.

Lyme disease can take a few weeks to years to exhibit symptoms. It’s also worth noting that symptoms vary greatly. The disease can cause flu-like symptoms and a distinct skin rash to more severe reactions like muscle weakness, joint pain, confusion and muscle weakness.

Lyme disease Transmission Risks

Finding a tick on your body is scary since you can’t know what diseases and pathogens the insect is carrying. Ticks should be a concern even during cold seasons since temperature doesn’t stop deer ticks from transmitting Lyme disease. Cold temperatures can render ticks sedentary; however, they will be back “in action” as soon as the snow melts. It’s also worth noting that approximately 50% of all adult female ticks carry Lyme disease.

Although Lyme disease cases are increasing drastically worldwide, you can do a lot to lower infection risks. Tap read more to continue.