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Negative Health Effects of Overeating at Thanksgiving


Overeating can have negative consequences on your health, so imagine how much of a risk this is during Thanksgiving dinner. Meeting with family and loved ones and enjoying all kinds of delicious foods are highlights of this annual celebration. Who could resist the temptation of turkey with stuffing, green bean casserole, glazed ham, candied yam, pumpkin pie, and other sumptuous delicacies begging to be devoured. Beware! While this time of year is often used as an excuse to eat all you can, you may regret it later.

Here are 12 ways in which overeating during the holidays can adversely impact your health:

Your stomach takes a stretch

The stomach is a pear-shaped organ within the digestive system where food is broken down and the nutrients extracted to nourish the body. It has a normal size but has the capacity to stretch to fit the amount of food you chow down. Once you begin to feel “stuffed,” this is your cue to put the spoon down. But because it’s the holidays, you just have to go for seconds and thirds.

Overfilling the stomach causes it to stretch and put pressure on nearby organs such as the large or small intestine or the gallbladder. Eating small portions at intervals can help prevent this problem. But if you can’t resist overloading your plate with mashed potato and gravy, just be ready to deal with the consequences.