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How to Make Friends in Your 30’s


Making new friends can be challenging. It doesn’t matter how old you are though it gets tougher with age. When you hit 30, you tend to be more choosy. Your chances of having low tolerance for meaningless conversations and engagements are high. Your peers are also in the same age bracket or older. 30 is an age where you’d rather have one meaningful friend than countless friends who you can’t count on. But if you don’t mind “fun” friends, you may hit other roadblocks. Your personality may be a “problem”. Introverts have a harder time making friends, and it also gets worse with age. You could also have time constraints or be totally “out of touch” with the social scene due to work engagements.

So, how do you make friends in your 30s without appearing desperate or feeling awkward? Besides family, we all need a friend/s to share life with.

We’ve gone through the trouble of listing and discussing what you can do to break the barrier between you and others. We’ve borrowed ideas from experts in the field such as Irene Levine, Ph.D. Tap read more to continue with our list!