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Critical Signs That Your Addiction Needs Treatment


Addiction is a relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug use or behavior regardless of the consequences. Coping with addiction is hard. It is difficult realizing you have a problem in the first place. It is also a challenge acknowledging the problem. Most people also have a problem admitting their addiction is out of hand. Yet, accepting this fact is the first step to dealing with any addiction successfully. Educating yourself on the signs of addiction can help you recognize and deal with the problem immediately before it’s too late.


You can determine the significance of something to you by considering many factors. You can ask yourself how important something is to your sense of self or how you live. You can also determine importance by the amount of time you spend engaging in something as well as the important things you don’t do as a result. Your priorities are important to you.

Reward response

You can also determine if you are addicted to something by analyzing the reward response. Do you feel worse if you don’t do it? Do you feel better/in control when you do it? Doing things you love will make you feel better. Avoiding dislikes can also make you feel better, initially. Addictions usually have a positive physical reward that obscures the negative consequences.

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