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Foods To Eat For Healthy Hair


Much like our skin, our hair shows how balanced our nutrition is. The cells that make up every strand of hair need to be constantly supplied with vitamins and nutrients for shine, luster, and volume. Whether you have curly or straight hair, thin or voluminous, these foods can give you fuller, more manageable hair that shows off your beauty—inside and out.


Not many foods contain two key ingredients for hair growth. Eggs, however, contain both protein and biotin, as well as selenium and zinc. Hair is predominately protein, so you need the highly digestible protein form eggs to get length. Biotin is another building block of keratin. When you are deficient in biotin, you have a hard time growing out your hair and nails. That is why many supplements for hair, nails, and skin contain biotin—but eggs are a natural source that should be added to your diet.