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How To Shrink Pores (Plus Common Pore Myths Debunked)


People consistently complain about visible pores and their complexion. The photos in magazines don’t help, either. The celebrities and models in those makeup ads have been photoshopped to look as if their skin has no pores at all; but that’s not reality. Everyone has pores, and some people have larger pores than others. That said, you can shrink your pores to an extent—and today we’re going to explain how you can get smaller pores and smoother skin.

But first, we need to debunk some myths about pores.

Myth 1. Your nose is covered in blackheads.

Some people do have blackheads on their noses, but for most of us, this is untrue. The enlarged pores are along the T-zone and other areas of your skin happen to be sebaceous filaments (SFs). Sebaceous filaments are sebum, bacteria, dead skin cells, and a single hair filling up a large pore. That doesn’t make them a blackhead, but a lot of people think that.

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