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Essential Health Tests For Men


Most men are guilty of avoiding doctor’s visits. Why? Well, the reasons vary from one man to another although most men believe regular visits to the doctor attract bad news. This is obviously a wrong approach because physician checks are proactive steps that can help overcome serious health problems in the future. Typical checkups target specific medical issues that a person may be susceptible to based on factors such as their age, genetics or medical history. It is therefore crucial for men to visit the doctor as much as their female counterparts and have the following important health tests done.

Prostate Exam

Prostate cancer is by far the most deadly form of cancer affecting men globally. Every year, over 164,000 American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Approximately 30,000 die from prostate cancer every year despite the fact the cancer is treatable. This is precisely why every man aged 50 and above needs to go for a prostate cancer exam at least once yearly. Men aged 40 and above who are genetically predisposed to prostate cancer should be checked more often. When prostate cancer is detected early, it can be controlled or treated.