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Common Warning Signs of a Brain Tumor


Changes in Personality

Tumors can also alter your mood and personality. Although a brain tumor can cause drastic changes in your mood or character, the changes are usually gradual. They range from confusion and memory loss to a slight or total inability to concentrate. It can be hard detecting this sign on your own. So, pay attention to people around you. If your family, friends or colleagues start commenting on gradual or sudden changes in your personality, you may have a brain tumor. You should also be worried if you start having gradual or sudden problems processing information.

This sign is usually common in individuals who are in the early stages of brain tumor development in the temporal or frontal lobe. Remember, many diseases can cause changes in personality, so it is easy for this sign to be linked to common ailments. However, if you record the instances when you have diseases like a stomach upset among other common illnesses that can cause changes in mood and personality, it is easier to rule those instances out and narrow down to a brain tumor. In some cases, tumors cause sudden vomiting and persistent nausea during the development phase.