Diseases and Conditions

Causes of Foot Pain


Humans take advantage of their feet. Don’t deny it. You use your feet every single day to walk around the house, to stand in line, and to do hundreds of activities. Yet, people tend to neglect their feet until they experience soreness and other conditions that suddenly make the simplest of activities unbearable. Proper foot care can prevent many issues and pains from occurring, but sometimes the ailments cannot be prevented.

With more than 26 bones, 5 ligaments, and 33 joints, there are plenty of structures in the foot that can be injured or inflamed! You will often need to go to a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist to see what is happening with you feet and get you moving again. Otherwise, you might be treating the symptoms but not the cause.

The following list introduces several foot-related conditions that might be the cause of your foot pain. Tap below to continue!