Diseases and Conditions

Amblyopia, Lazy Eye or Strabismus


Lazy Eye Symptoms

Whenever a child suffers from lazy eye, the unaffected eye and brain will attempt to compensate from the lazy eye. In most cases, the issue will go unnoticed by the child for a length of time. However, there are some instances where the child will suffer from blurred vision, poor depth perception, double vision, eyes that do not work together (one eye is favored over the other eye), and visible signs, like the eye turning inward or outward.

Amblyopia may go undetected, because, aside from the brain and other eye compensating for poor vision in the affected eye, the child might think that their blurry vision is normal. Parents and guardians must keep their eyes and ears open for any signs. Apart from looking for physical signs, such as crossed eyes, you should listen for complaints of poor, blurred, or double vision.