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Symptoms of Liver Failure


The liver is a jack-of-all-trades organ that does a number of jobs for the body. Many of the responsibilities include cleaning your blood of toxins, converting glucose to glycogen and back, producing hormones and enzymes, aiding in absorption of vitamins and synthesis of amino acids, and so much more. That is why liver failure is so dangerous.

Liver failure is when the liver cannot function properly, rendering it unable to perform any metabolic or synthesizing roles. The condition can take years to progress, but liver failure is often accelerated by certain lifestyle choices, such as drinking too much alcohol. Furthermore, rapid loss of functioning can happen rapidly, known as acute liver failure.

Early diagnosis of acute liver failure or full liver failure can help turn the condition around, but most individuals will need ongoing treatment or even transplant in the end. The faster you or your loved one receives treatment, the better. Here are the symptoms of liver failure to help you recognize signs.

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