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21 Foods You’ll Enjoy Eating On The Ketogenic Diet


There have been many fad diets in the past but what many thought was yet another passing fad diet is still around with us today. The ketogenic diet has enjoyed a very high success rate not only for incredibly fast weight loss but other health benefits as well like improving brain function. The ketogenic diet has enjoyed over seven decades of success to date since being introduced in the 1940s. Unlike typical diets, the keto diet relies solely on healthy fats instead of carbs to generate energy.

The main challenge of the diet is, for you to be successful, you must eat incredibly diligently i.e. focus on foods which are high in healthy fats and low in net carbs. This is a real challenge for anyone starting out as well as those trying to sustain the diet. Most people have been accustomed to avoiding fats, so it is challenging for such people to start making fat a significant part of their diet.

To help you start off and sustain a ketogenic diet, below are 21 foods you should focus on eating. This list is tried and proven to limit “accidental carb intake” or uncontrollable cravings. You’ll also be able to get the best out of this low carb, high-energy diet.


Snacking can be an instant challenge when you remove carb-filled snacks out of the equation. That’s where protein-filled snacks such as peppertrees or snacking sausage come in handy. But make sure you read the peppertrees label carefully to make sure there are no added sugars or carbs. You should also have a few at a time to cut cravings as soon as they occur.


Avocadoes have to be the most obvious source of healthy fats and a major component of the keto diet. Although they are pricey, they can be incorporated into many meals/recipes or eaten right out of their skin using a spoon when you want a quick energy boost.

Low-Carb Veggies

The ketogenic diet is low on vegetable because most contain a lot of carbs. To get the best out of the keto diet, you must choose vegetables that are low in carbs as well as high in protein. There are great options meeting these criteria. They include; cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, spinach, kale, and sprouts. You can enjoy these low-carb veggies in many ways from stir-frying them to roasting, steaming or barbecuing them. Fortunately, you can include vegetables in any/every meal but don’t forget to avoid high-carb veggies like carrots among other starchier options like butternut squash.

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