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19 Things Your Kitchen Doesn’t Really Need


When you clean your house to make space, you probably overlook the most guilty culprit. The kitchen is a place where you unknowingly hoard items for years upon years, where they build up and congest the cabinets and drawers. There is so much junk in the kitchen—and we’re not talking food! Novelty gadgets, silly mugs, dysfunctional appliances, and outdated herbs and spices and utensils.

If you want to reclaim your kitchen from all that junk, you need to start figuring out what is indispensable and what can be thrown away or donated to charity. Every cook, regardless of their experience level, should have things like a 9×13 baking pan, a cast iron pan, several pots and lids, a few mugs, a knife set, and enough dinnerware for your family to dine together.

It’s time to get yourself a no-frills kitchen. Here is a list of 19 things your kitchen doesn’t really need, as well as some tips for how to rid yourself of it all.

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