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15 Heartburn Trigger Foods: Control Acid Reflux


2. Fried Food

Look, we get it. We also enjoy fatty foods. Fried chicken, anyone? Often fatty foods, like delicious friend chicken, contain a lot of oil. Your body takes longer to digest foods that contain a lot of fat. This places additional pressure the your stomach and esophagus and leads to an increased likelihood of experiencing acid reflux. This is why we suggest grilling or baking foods instead of tossing them in the deep fryer. Preparing food in this was is just a smarter choice overall.

3. Spicy Food

Who doesn’t love a little siracha on everything? The problem with this delightful sauce and other spicy foods is that it seems to have varying effects on heartburn. For some, it exacerbates the experience of heartburn while for others it tends to lessen the effects. Spicy foods can throw off the pH balance of your stomach and create a more acidic environment, increasing the likelihood of experiencing heartburn. Therefore, we would suggest trying small amounts of spicy foods at first in order to see its effects on your body.