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10 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods



We get it; we would be lying if we didn’t love a yummy apple fritter or a chocolate dip donut. However, donuts are high not only in fat and calories but also carbohydrates. And, if we are talking about those super sweet, gooey iced donuts from the grocery store you can add preservatives to the above list since they are added to keep them on the shelves for longer. Since they are so jam-packed with sugar (see what we did there…) you can actually end up needing a trip to the dentist if you eat too many donuts. They are also super high in calories and can lead to weight gain and feelings of sluggishness.

Some research has even found that certain chemicals in donuts can have a negative impact on mental health. Since they are clearly void of nutrients, we would suggest doing your best to stay away, or at least indulge less frequently or try to get your fix with a donut hole instead. In the long-term, excessive donut eating can lead to an increased chance of diabetes, which comes with it a whole slew of other health problems such as swollen limbs and vision impairments.