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10 Signs Your Gut Is Unhappy


Believe it or not, your gastrointestinal tract has more of a role to play in your health than digestion. Within the intestines, there is a microbiome that influences your immune system. This means that the health of your gut affects every other part of body, from the dryness of your skin to your daily outlook on life. The effects of this microbiome in your GI tract don’t end there. If you happen to be suffering from any of the issues listed below, there is a chance your intestinal microbiome holds the answer.


Whenever you start to feel low, it’s time to consider the health of your digestive system and what you have been eating. You might recognize that, whenever you start to feel a certain way, you automatically crave certain types of foods or ingredients, like salt and sugar, for immediate satisfaction. However, a diet that is rich in processed sugars and salt can lead to an unhealthy microbiome in the intestines, which in turn, affects your mood. Certain strains of bacteria will create toxins that infiltrate the intestinal and blood barriers, dampening your mood. Meanwhile, good bacteria produce serotonin, the happy hormone.