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When You Should Avoid The Ketogenic Diet: Keto Isn’t For Everyone


Ketogenic Eating Probably Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle

One issue with the Keto diet is that it might not fit with your lifestyle, especially if it is an active one. Many things we do to stay active, such as running and strength training requires an adequate amount of what is called glycogen and when someone sticks to the Keto diet this is quickly depleted. Therefore, it begs the question of whether or not sticking to a Keto diet is even worth it. If, however, you are adamant about being on the Keto diet and sticking to your workout routine, be warned that there is a long adaptation period and a serious loss of explosiveness. After this adaptation period you may be able to catch up to your previous level of endurance but things like sprints or running up and down the basketball court might seem like it takes a lot more out of you than it had previously. Another issue is simply that sticking to the keto diet is a pain in the ass- especially if you ever plan on going to someone’s house for a party or out for dinner at a restaurant. It is next to impossible to order something out without sounding like a total fool, and really knowing what it is that you are getting (no matter how much your server swears one way or the other).