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The Best Foods For Gout


Gout is anguishing. It is a type of arthritis that forms when excessive amounts of uric acid are present in the body, causing crystals to form and gather around joints. The uric acid is a byproduct of the chemical called purine, which is naturally present in the body and in some foods.

If you are struggling with painful gout, you are in luck. Just like there are foods that exacerbate gout, there are also foods that produce relief by decreasing your blood’s uric acid level. While it isn’t a cure, eliminating the high amounts of uric acid can lessen the effects of flare ups and even soften the negative impact to the joints.

The objectives of a gout diet are:

• To help you achieve a healthy weight

• To teach and help you maintain good eating habits

• Avoid some foods high in purines (but not all)

• Introduce foods that can control the level of uric acid.

With that in mind, let’s learn about the food you can eat on a gout diet.