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Six Things You Should Throw Out Immediately


Loner Socks

Despite the best efforts of mankind and science, it seems like one of the unspoken rules of reality is that every pair of socks will lose its twin with time. Rather than keep your orphaned socks around the house as some sort of beacon to summon forth their counterparts, it may be best to cut your losses and ditch your orphaned socks. Take an inventory of all of your socks and separate the pairs from the orphaned socks, then move the pairs to where you store your socks and/or underwear and the orphans into one container.

Now that all of your solitary socks are stored in one single space, you can better assess what to do with them. Sure, you could just toss them into the trash, but that’s very limited thinking. Consider these options when working out what to do with your leftover socks, being mindful to give them one final wash before doing anything but throwing them into the trash. Note that this article is about getting rid of unneeded things and you should discard your solo socks if you cannot immediately put them to use for any of these purposes.

  • Cut them up into material for cloth masks.
  • Use them as cleaning rags for the garage.
  • Use them as cushioning during a move.
  • Keep a few handy as wash cloths.
  • Turn one into a dryer ball by filling it with tennis balls and sewing it shut.
  • Slip one over your hand and use it as a duster before throwing it into the trash.
  • Give your cat a treat by filling one with catnip and sewing it up tight.