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Seven Steps to Strip Away Your Excess Possessions


More Stuff ≠ More Joy

Have you ever had a moment where you look over everything in your kitchen cabinets and thought “Wow, I have a bunch of mugs I never use!”? Lots of people pick things up because of a certain thought process: “the more things I have, the happier I will be.” Sadly, this is mostly a trick, a rationalization we tell ourselves. While having a few choices is better than none, there comes a point of diminishing returns where you do not even use some options out of favoritism to others.

The truth is that a ton of options leaves us less than happy. Some people become paralyzed by the sheer amount of choice, just like when you want to grab a quart of ice cream and there’re literally dozens of options at the store. Other people become plagued by a variant of buyer’s remorse where they become overtaken by how things might have gone if they’d made a different purchase, leading to blaming themselves over this disappointment.

Thing over your life and all of the daily choices that weigh you down. Maybe you have trouble figuring out what ensemble to wear during your gym routine. Maybe you aren’t sure which necklace to flash. Which snack should you take to work? Strip down your daily options to the three or four you usually go to and either hand the rest off to someone else or box it up; the latter of which will be explained below and in greater detail.