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Pink Eye (conjunctivitis) – Symptoms and Treatment


Inflamed Eye Lid

If your eyelid is inflamed and swollen, chances are you have pinkeye. Usually only the upper eyelid will present with this symptom and can lead to a lopsided or droopy appearance. This condition is referred to as pseudoptosis. Pseudoptosis should not last longer than a week, so if you find that this is the case talk to your doctor in order to see what else might be at play here. Although rare, it is possible that your eyelid can become so swollen that your vision could be impeded or impossible in that one eye. This can be especially frustrating for children who are unable to fully grasp what is going on in their eyes. This could be upsetting to them and can result in a tantrum. Do your best to sooth them as best as you can and help them understand that this is only temporary. Since infants are more likely to catch pink eye and are at higher risk of developing severe complications, if your infant develops an inflamed eyelid make sure to seek the advice of your paediatrician in order to lessen the likelihood of more permanent damage taking place.