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Nine Habits to Increase Your Energy



Daily exercise serves as an investment in your future energy levels. While many cut out exercise to do other things, you’ll not only end up hurting yourself. You might even find that you’re sluggish, can’t stay alert, and can’t even think straight.

Think you can’t find time to exercise? Don’t think that you have to carve out two hours a day to go to your local gym. Instead, make it a goal to do a bit of exercise in your home several times a day. Some exercises you can do in this vein includes burpees and pushups. These physical activies will get your heart pumping, your blood moving, and the sweat flowing. But five minutes after you start one session, you can go back to doing what you were doing.

If you want, you can eventually add fitness classes and gym workouts to your routine if you so choose. But this isn’t something that has to be done. The most important thing is to get moving several times a day every day.

Try This Takeaway: Perform 10 burpees in your home every day.