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Healthy Habits That Can Boost Your Immune System


Reach Out and Meet New People

At first, this might sound weird. What does making new friends and forging new relationships have to do with a strong immune system? The surprising answer is everything.

There have been multiple studies done looking at women who are in satisfying marriages. The result is that their risk of cardiovascular disease is a lot lower than women who are in less satisfying relationships. This doesn’t mean that you have to get married to boost your immune system. What it does show is that having close relationships can positively impact your health.

The question now becomes, how can you meet new people and make new friends? Social networking is a good place to start. Nextdoor is a cool app that can put you in contact with people who live near you and share some of your interests. Or you could volunteer, start playing sports in a league, or adopt a hobby that would require you to interact with others. Whatever efforts you make to make new friends, your immune system will thank you for them.