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Have Sensitive Teeth? Here Are Some Reasons Why


Receding Gums

Gum recession happens naturally, hence terms like, “long in the tooth.” However, when your gums are so drawn back, it can expose hollow tubing and sensitive sections of the tooth that lead to the nerves. Whenever these regions of the tooth are exposed to things like acidic foods or extremely hot or cold temperatures, you may feel intense discomfort.

Signs of receding gums include stained teeth, visible roots, spaces between the teeth, food getting packed between teeth, sensitivity, and decay. Some causes of receding gums include periodontal diseases, poor dental care, changes in hormone levels, genetics, smoking tobacco, a misaligned bite, or grinding your teeth. You may notice that many of these causes also relate to sensitive teeth.

Concerned about your gums? Drink some green tea or chamomile tea regularly. Both are known for anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile tea is an astringent, as well. Also, you can try aloe vera, which as antibacterial components and can assist with cell regeneration.