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Common Thyroid Disorders


Common Thyroid Conditions


The condition known as hyperthyroidism is when you have an overload of thyroid hormones in the body, thus speeding up the metabolic processes. While this might sound like a blessing at first, someone you has hyperthyroidism will experience a hastened breakdown of tissues and elevated levels of fatigue. Hyperthyroidism is after an effect of Graves’ disease, which is mentioned later on. Another cause of this condition is multinodular goiter.

The American Thyroid Association lists the following symptoms of hyperthyroidism:

• Initial increases of energy then extreme fatigue

• Sweating

• Rapid pulse and heart rate

• Hand tremors

• Anxiety

• Thin skin

• Nervousness

• Sleeping problems

• Fine, brittle hair

• Muscle weakness

• Unintended weight loss

• Irritability

• Light menstrual flow or amenorrhea

Doctors will need to diagnose hyperthyroidism with blood tests to measure the level of thyroid hormones. A short term treatment for hyperthyroidism is beta-blockers to reduce symptoms like tremors and rapid pulse. Other measures include radioactive iodine tablets, antithyroid drugs, and in extreme cases, surgery to remove sections of the thyroid.