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Best Workouts to Slow the Effects of Aging


Have you ever found yourself thinking that you would love to take a bath in the Fountain of Youth? Wouldn’t we all! Unfortunately, the Fountain of Youth is not a real pool. It is something you uncover with a little effort—and by that, we mean working out.

You read that right. Exercising has an anti-aging effect. As your body ages, the cells start to regenerate more slowly, because the mitochondria start to die. However, when you are physically active and working out regularly, your mitochondria reside in your cells for longer. You also get other benefits.

Here are the best exercises to slow the effects of aging:


One of the most basic exercises anyone can eventually do is also one of the best of your health. Even if you start with one modified push-up a day, you are doing something great for your upper body strength. Make sure you are in the correct position, though. Whether you are in a straight plank position or have your knees on the ground, you want to keep the back long. The wrists should be directly in line with the shoulders, and the fingers point slightly inwards.

Bend the elbows and lower down with a controlled manner, until you are hovering above the floor. Then, exhale and push back through to the top position. Start with 1 and work your way up to 10 repetitions. From there, you can add sets or variations.