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12 Common Myths About Strokes


Strokes are unfortunately an all too common occurrence. They can often greatly influence an individual’s life. Although some individuals can completely recover, that is often not the case for those who have had one. For instance, some may lose their ability to walk as they did previously or lose the ability to perform other everyday functions such as being able to express themselves verbally. Therefore, it can change someone’s life if you are able to understand what the main warning signs are. Continue reading and you can help to minimize the dangers or even help to save a life.

Strokes are Not Just an ‘Older Person’ Problem

Although strokes are often associated with the aging population, but the fact is that there are a large percentage of stroke sufferers who are under the age of 65. According to some statistics, as many as one quarter of all strokes occur in individuals who are under less than 65. Not only is this true but they can occur in children, even infants. Sadly, often strokes in younger individuals are more problematic since they are so rare they are often less undiagnosed.

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