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Signs Your Body Doesn’t Actually Know How To Maintain Deep Sleep


Are you getting your best night’s sleep every night? Just because you are in bed for 8 hours, that doesn’t mean that you are getting a full 8 hours of quality rest. There are signs that reveal whether you are having problems with adequate sleep.

Chief Medical Liaison at health technology company Philips, Dr. Teofilo Lee-Chiong, M.D., says, “There are several medical problems that make it difficult for people to maintain deep sleep at night. According to Philips annual global sleep survey, three quarters of adults around the world experience at least one of the following conditions that impact their sleep: insomnia, snoring, shift work sleep disorder, chronic pain, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy.”

By paying more attention to how you feel in the morning and understanding the effects of medical conditions or an upset circadian rhythm that ruin sleep quality, you are better equipped for dealing with the issue and getting the good night’s rest that you deserve.

Here are the signs your body doesn’t know how to maintain deep sleep:

Waking Easily

Do you found your eyes snap open with every rustle of the sheets, sigh of the cars over the pavement outside, creaking floorboard, or the first ray of light through the window? You’re probably not getting the sleep you need. Light sleep is a sign that your body isn’t maintaining the REM deep sleep state. When you are in REM rest, you should be difficult to waken.

If constantly waking up throughout the night is leaving you tired throughout the day, or if these distractions are giving you anxiety, you should mention the difficulty staying asleep to your doctor.

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